Long Island Zumba Client Testimonials

Some things that have been said about Brian Oakes and his Zumba Classes

“Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Machete Step in Pittsburgh!”
– Beto Perez, Creator of Zumba at 2010 Zumba for the Cure, Pittsburgh, PA

If this 67 year old, size 20 woman can do ZUMBA, you too can be intoxicated by the music and the energy in the room. Brian Oakes is a strong, attentive leader.
– Arlene, 67

I attended my first Zumba class with Brian at Synergy, my 13 year old was there with me, and wow did we work up a sweat. Brian motivated the entire class moving around the room, encouraging everyone to give it their all. I went home swearing I was coming back. That night and next day I felt great, muscles I forgot about, were alive again.

Strangely, I found myself looking for a class, needed that rush again. I made it to the Wed night class in Wantagh. A whole new group of people, along comes Brian, same enthusiasm, getting everyone doing their best. Me, a big sweaty mess, staked out in the back of the class, just learning the basic steps. I felt like Brian was connecting with everyone, as he bounced around the room. Then, he brings me from the safety of the back of the room, and side by side I am sweating in front of everyone. What a great time!A cool shower and a couple of Advils later, I am looking forward to the next class.
– Eddie, 49

As a post-gastric bypass patient, I understand the importance of incorporating exercise into your schedule. Brian’s Zumba class is a great way to get in your daily cardio while having fun and meeting great people. I love the variety it brings to a boring gym routine. I recommend it to all my family and friends.
– Jessica, 28

He is the best! I have taken Zumba many times with different instructors and he is by the far the best! You get a great work out and you have fun the entire time. The hour flies by! Try him and you will not be sorry!
– Kerry, 34

I enjoy Brian’s class very much, he takes the time to walk around and show you the correct moves. He encourages you with a smile and a nod.
He makes everyone in class feel special, Brian is a lot of fun!
– Mary, 59

It has been fun taking classes with Brian, he is patient, energetic & motivating. I look forward to my Wed. eve. classes.
– Toni, 54

I heard the members loved your class Saturday, keep up the good work
-Tracy, Fitness Manager at Synergy Massapequa

Hey Bri, The members loved the Sunday class, they said you were easy to follow and they want you to teach a regular class here
-Barbara, Fitness Manager at World Gym, Wantagh

What was the name of that country song you did last night? My sister loved that routine, can you please do it again next week?
– Sandra, 24

This was my first Zumba class and I’m glad I came. You were very easy to follow and I loved the diversity in your music.
– Angela, 68

I’ve taken other Zumba classes before and find that it’s hard to follow the instructor, but you were very defined and clear in your moves and made it easier for me to know what move was coming up next.
– Lucille, 59

I took your class last night in Hicksville and wanted to let you know it was so much fun. You were so motivating and we all had a good time
– Kathy, 54

Thanks for subbing our class last night, I loved, loved, loved the music. It felt like I was at a party. When will you be teaching here again?
– Jimmy, 42

My mom and I love your class. We look forward to it every week and have so much fun.
– Maureen, 27

Thanks for letting my husband come to the class for free last night. He was very nervous at first, but after a couple of songs he seemed to have the moves down better than me.
– Janice, 51

Since I have met Brian and continued in getting to know him…. all I can say is that he is the “real deal”. He never fails to inspire, encourage and motivate by sharing events that have occurred in his life. I love the fact he always says “If I can do it so can you!” and really mean it..
– Carly

Your passion makes everyone feel like they can take a Zumba class
– Luis, 29

Fun! Fun! Fun! Your enthusiasm, personality and music make the class a blast every time.
– DiAnn

You not only inspired me, but many other people with your positive energy
– Linh, 21

You rock, you are exhilarating, fun and fitness in one!
– Ciara, 29

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